When we work on solutions, we pay attention to every single detail of each structural part, because in order to race you need a trained mind and a great mechanic.

Bosch Rexroth System Integrator is able to provide certified solutions and services in order to provide real added value to plants and machinery of its customers. It possesses all the experience and skills, and systems with optimum functionality to offer to its clients, starting from defining the HW+SW architecture, up to the commissioning of the plant and the training of operating staff. Rexroth accredits its System Integrator, such as B&B Automation, only after verifying that they are able to ensure the best possible use of its products. B&B Automation, a specialist in the development of software for factory automation, manufacturing (MES) and supervision system (SCADA), offers modular solutions using integrated VarioFlow Plus technology, Electric Drives and Bosch Rexroth Pneumatic Controls for the Packaging and Processing industry.

To be at the forefront and to effectively respond to the market, the range of services has been extended and expanded to such an extent so as to deliver “turnkey” supply automation systems to its customers, thanks to the professionalism that the technicians have acquired, also in the development of software in PLC, motion and robotics.