Support is one of the core values of B&B Automation; our team is always ready to handle every request in a timely manner, ensuring immediate and effective problem solving.

Chasing the challenges. Ask for the best. Knowing how to work alone towards a common goal.

For us, that is how you achieve the results. We chose to tell about this research via another story. A story that, like ours, is about commitment and tenacity is of the athletes of Alba Triathlon.

B&B is the official sponsor this year of the sports talents of the team who are the focus of all communication materials of the company, from brochure to the website.

Intense photographs portray them during the hard training and team tasks, conveying the powerful combination that results from the union of strength and sacrifice.

From their team to ours. 
From their passion to ours. 
A harmony of values and character that introduces a new way of presenting yourself to the public.