Time is experience and experience offers a unique opportunity: the opportunity to improve.

From 1989 till today, we have undertaken many challenges and achieved many goals, driven by the belief that the future belongs to those who can compete with themselves.


1989 – Birth of the B&B Automation.

1991 – The company begins to assemble and internally test the electrical panels.

2005 – The vocation of B&B Automation to research and specialization is rewarded. Our projects in the naval sector obtain two important international certifications: Lloyd’s Register and RINA.

2009 – The SAP program is adopted for the management of contracts: clients, suppliers and employees can remotely access the corporate network, marked by increased computerization of work.

2013 – Origin of ADNet – Advanced Technology Network, a new center for automation in the food industry. The initiative was taken by mutual agreement between B&B Automation and three other Italian companies, each with a long tradition and experience in the field.

2020 – B&B Automation decides to found B&B Automation Usa Inc.

2020 – The three American societies (B&B Usa, Domini Usa and Abrigo Usa) decide to found Adnet USA LLC

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